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Dumpster Rental Review Highlights Last Minute Requests


Bin There Dump That Customer Service Case Study

Memphis Residents’ Feedback on Residential-Friendly Dumpster Service

We love hearing from our happy customers; it’s what makes delivering dumpsters throughout Memphis so enjoyable. Recently, we got a dumpster rental review that knocked us out of our socks. Want to know the best part? Our friend Brad was simply looking for a company to answer the phone; answering the phones is something our Dumpster Consultants always do because we value your time. Check out Brad’s review and contact us when you need immediate dumpster service.

Last Minute Dumpster Rentals in Memphis Are Possible With Bin There Dump That

It was the week of Thanksgiving and my family was in a real pinch. I called four dumpster rental locations and struck out at all of them except Bin There Dump That. When I called, the representative took my information and informed me that someone would call me back within 2 hours. I wasn't too hopeful that anything would work out because it was extremely last minute and a holiday week. Much to my delight, not only did I get a call back, but from the owner herself. Karen very empathetically listened to my predicament and immediately began thinking through solutions on how she and her company could help us. She told me that she did have a dumpster available but that her delivery truck was in for service. Due to my family a circumstance, the dumpster was needed immediately which I communicated to her. When every other location I called had said no, Karen said yes, she could deliver it that afternoon. Karen said she would email me the quote and terms and gave me her direct number in case I had any questions. Her driver, Bradley, showed up on time and was polite and easy to work with. We discussed where best to put the dumpster and he walked us through the rules of loading it, asking if we had any questions and responding with helpful and informative answers. He told us that Karen would call a few days ahead of the scheduled pick up to see how things were going and ask if we needed more time or any other services which she did. At that time, we had done all that we could do and were done with the dumpster. I thanked her and she informed me that she would email me the final invoice. Karen and her team really saved the day and it was so refreshing to work with a company that came through on what they said they would. Last, while Bin There Dump That could have taken advantage of our situation and charged additional fees, they didn't and were also the most competitive in price. Five stars just doesn't seem like enough to say thank you to this company.

Google Review of Bin There Dump That Memphis

Brad called us the week of Thanksgiving in a bind. He had called four other dumpster rental companies and had no luck with any of them until he contacted us

He was pretty discouraged at this point and was only in town for a few days so he wasn’t too optimistic we would have what he needed.  We listened to his predicament and were quick to consult and offer solutions, so he could help his family clean out their house and he could fly home.

We discussed what they were disposing of and what size dumpster he would need to fit everything appropriately.  We were able to deliver the afternoon he called.  Once our Dumpster Delivery Expert arrived, we discussed where to place the dumpster and he walked our customer through how to open the double doors and walk in to place items. We put boards down to protect the driveway area and were on our way. 

After a few days of renting the bin, our customer called and was ready for it to be picked up. We returned to pick up the dumpster bin, tarped it, and swept up the area.  We were so glad we could help our customer in a tough situation and provide the customer service that was unexpected but appreciated.